New Mexico Opens Second Ethanol Fuel Station

The first E85 fueling station in New Mexico’s capitol celebrated the opening of an E85 pump on Friday. Located at the Phillips 66 on 4354 Cerillos Road, the station is the second public E85 fueling site in the state. The station is easily accessible from Interstate 25 for the cross-country traveler.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 22, 2003 [] E85 is a renewable, alternative transportation fuel made from a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. It can be used to fuel vehicles such as the GM Tahoe, the Ford Taurus, and the Dodge Stratus. As one of the 2002 E85 Infrastructure Award winners, Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico received US$35,000 from the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition to assist with the establishment of the two new E85 stations. Amigo Petroleum, Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Network, New Mexico Energy, and Minerals and Natural Resources Department also provided assistance for the project on Cerillos Road. At the Grand Opening ceremony for the 8,000-gallon E85 tank and dispenser, Phillips 66 owner Ted Berridge of Amigo Petroleum, the Executive Director of the McCune Foundation, and State and Federal fleet managers were scheduled to appear. Speeches were scheduled to be delivered by a representative from the Office of Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-New Mexico), Dan Deaton of the Dallas Regional Clean Cities Coalition, Mike Minturn of the Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition, Louise Martinez of the Energy and Minerals Department, and Richard Mason from the Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico. “E85 is user-friendly and has a tremendous potential for widespread acceptance by the general public,” said Mason. “Ethanol can play a major role in reducing reliance on imported oil.” Capitol Ford, Joe Horace Chrysler, and Joe Horace General Motors were set to host a question and answer session and a mass fuel-up of flexible-fuel vehicles following the speeches. “We are very excited to see this station up and running,” said Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition. “It has been a pleasure to work with Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico on this project. We look forward to additional E85 fueling facilities in New Mexico in the next several weeks and months.”


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