New Job to Focus on Biomass Technology in Indiana

The person who gets appointed to a new position funded jointly by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) and the Office of Energy and Defense Development (OED) will focus on biomass technologies to advance the state’s already aggressive pilot bioenergy projects. Indiana also plans to develop more biofuel-production facilities.

“We are looking forward to hiring a highly self-motivated individual who can spearhead developing new bioenergy projects in Indiana,” said Andy Miller, Indiana Agriculture Director. “Bioenergy is an exciting part of our agriculture industry, and this new person will help Indiana develop the next generation of bioenergy projects.” “In the past year, we have been aggressive in piloting new bioenergy projects and attracting biofuel production facilities to Indiana, proving our state can be competitive in the bioenergy arena,” said Miller. “To facilitate that growth, we have created this new position to take our bioenergy industry here in Indiana to a whole new level.” The person appointed to this position will assist in the day-to-day tasks of bioenergy development and spend time researching biomass-conversion techniques and biomass-related topics. The position will be housed at ISDA, and will work directly with the Economic Development team under the Bioenergy section. ISDA will coordinate closely with OED, the agency that helps businesses and communities throughout Indiana adopt energy-efficient practices and increase the use of the state’s energy resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner. Inquiries about the Bioenergy Project Coordinator position may contact Ryan West, ISDA Program Manager Bioenergy Development at 317-232-8770 or
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