New Jersey Looking to Renewable Energy

In an effort to encourage the use of Renewable Energy, New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey signed an Executive Order this week establishing a Renewable Energy Task Force, charging it with strengthening and expanding the Renewable Energy requirements that the state imposes on suppliers.

Trenton, New Jersey – January 30, 2003 [] “The goal of the Renewable Energy Task Force will be to examine ways that the state can make energy more affordable, reliable and efficient through the use of Renewable Energy sources,” said McGreevey. “Clearly, Renewable Energy is the energy of the future, and this administration is committed to leading the way.” Consisting of 15 members, the Task Force includes representatives from renewable and traditional energy suppliers, utilities, environmental and consumer groups and energy experts. The governor initially announced the creation of the Task Force at his Energy Summit in December and is expecting them to report back to him by March 31, 2003 with their recommendations. The state’s energy deregulation act requires that power suppliers in New Jersey ensure that a certain amount of their power is derived from Renewable Energy sources. This requirement, called the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), can be fulfilled by using Renewable Energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal or methane gas from landfills or biomass facilities. The Task Force, in part, will examine if RPS requirements should be increased and if RPS should require that a certain percentage of energy come from specific renewable sources. The Task Force will also recommend measures to help electricity suppliers comply with RPS requirements
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