New Hydrokinetic Turbine Nears Final Testing Phase

A new hydrokinetic turbine for generating clean electricity from water sources is approaching its final testing phase, developers reported.

The Lako Variable Turbine, or LakoVT hydrokinetic turbine, is intended to utilize run-of-river locations for renewable hydroelectric energy production.

The company, Lako Power Limited, has already commissioned an initial feasibility study at a UK university, and the patent pending technology has been tested in water leading to the third and final stage, flume testing.

Alan Girvan, the inventor and managing director of Lako Power Limited, said: “The actual tests in water of a small prototype showed great promise, and the flume testing will be a valuable tool in corroborating the results of the initial university study. Following the data from this last stage, we expect to conduct optimization, and shortly after that, produce devices for sale.”


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