New Heat Technologies to be Applicable to Solar

A company registered in Gibraltar says it has developed a technology that uses small solid-state devices which create electric power by harnessing heat flow.

TORONTO, Ontario, CA, 2001-11-06 [] Borealis Exploration Limited says potential applications include power generation from geothermal energy and the conversion of solar energy, as well as electric and hybrid-electric vehicles and waste heat recovery. The company uses proprietary Cool Chip(tm), Power Chip(tm) and Chorus Motor(tm) technologies, which it claims will play a major role in bringing about a new industrial revolution. It has released photographs showing working laboratory prototypes, and officials are in discussion with market leaders to license the technologies for commercial use. Most core technologies that underlie the modern industrial world were invented in the last half of the 19th century, say company officials. While these technologies have been greatly improved, they have not been fundamentally changed. Borealis says it has applied key discoveries in science and applied them to basic industries. By rethinking technologies in light of recent scientific advances, Borealis claims to have reinvented some of the world’s core industrial technologies to make them more useful and more efficient. Cool Chips(tm) are solid-state devices that pump heat to provide refrigeration, air conditioning, or localized cooling, and are expected to be more efficient than any competing technologies, as well as significantly smaller and lighter. The Power Chips(tm) may be useful in converting solar energy, and Borealis says its Chorus(tm) Motor uses new controllers and windings to increase the efficiency of AC motors. Characteristics include high start-up torque and greater efficiency within standard operating temperature limits.
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