New Hampshire Governor Says Renewables Are a Priority

As New Hampshire’s energy demands grow, more can be done to promote renewable resources in the state, said Governor John Lynch last Wednesday at the opening of a new wood-pellet facility in Jaffrey, NH.

In an exclusive interview with’s Inside Renewable Energy, Governor Lynch said that the passage of a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a necessary step toward the energy independence of New Hampshire. “We’ve been really working hard to educate our elected officials about the importance of renewable energy and having a Renewable Portfolio Standard in place,” he said. Lynch also said that energy efficiency and conservation are necessary for lowering energy costs and controlling the strain on the state’s power grid. New Hampshire has been criticized for doing too little to promote renewable energy, especially compared with other New England states. Governor Lynch said that he is dedicated to integrating more renewable resources into the state’s energy infrastructure in the coming years. Want to listen to the interview? Go to the Inside Renewable Energy podcast to hear our exclusive conversation with New Hampshire Governor John Lynch. Also in the podcast: the debate over a controversial transmission line in southern California.
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