New ‘FatBox’ Device Produces Biodiesel from Solid Animal Fats

Fat may no longer be a negative thing, at least when it comes to producing biodiesel. FatBox, a device developed by Pacific Natural Energy (PNE) may make fat a valuable resource. It has the ability to transform fat into fuel.

The process uses raw animal fats, or feedstocks, that are loaded into the FatBox, which then liquefies them to be used in biodiesel production. It takes approximately 15 pounds of animal fats to yield one gallon of usable feedstock.

Pacific Natural is also the developer of the BioBox which makes vegetable oils ready to use in biodiesel production.

“The FatBox is designed to work in conjunction with our BioBox,” said Eric McLeod, PNE’s founder and CEO. “Animal fats are a viable alternative to vegetable oil in the biodiesel production market.”
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