New Facility Prepares to Produce Fuel Cell Unit

A Canadian company says it will introduce an alkaline fuel cell unit later this year.

ORILLIA, Canada – GreenVolt Power Corp. says it will commercially introduce its 1.3 kilowatt alkaline fuel cell unit in the third quarter. A pre-production model of a 5 kW unit with a modular design that is capable of supplying up to 350 kW of electricity, will be unveiled in the second half of this year. “Alkaline fuel cells offer unique benefits as energy sources, which is particularly timely given the recent publicity surrounding the shortage of traditional power supplies in key regions of the United States and proposed rate increases,” says president and CEO Thomas Faul. “We look forward to the possibility of accelerating our production schedule as we ramp up staffing and capitalizing on the heightened awareness of alternative fuel sources.” The company has moved to its new 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility in an industrial park complex in Orillia, and is in the process of adding to its engineering and production staff. Faul also announced the appointment of Dr, Jeric Gu as supervisor of the company’s Alkaline Fuel Cell development program. Gu was manager of research and development at Beijing Century Fuyuan Fuel Cells in China, which is developing alkaline fuel cells for electric vehicles and mobile phones. Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that enable the chemical energy of fuels to be converted directly into electricity, avoiding the fundamental loss of efficiency and emission of air pollutants associated with traditional power sources. The concept behind the electrochemical union of hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity is still used by NASA on its spaceflights.

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