New CO2 Process for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

August 27, 2003 [] ThermoEnergy Corporation, of Little Rock Arkansas, has a new process design for the low-cost production of carbon dioxide (CO2). Previously the most economical way to produce carbon dioxide was to recover it as a by-product from various manufacturing processes or from natural wells at sites that are not always convenient to CO2 users, so transportation and special handling factors significantly. ThermoEnergy claims their new THERMO – CO2 system that can be sited virtually anywhere uses an oxy-fuel process that produces electricity and liquid carbon dioxide from coal, natural gas, fuel oil or biomass with zero air emissions. ThermoEnergy says that when used in a gasification mode, the new multi-pollutant capture system called TIPS is an efficient hydrogen production technology, supplying hydrogen for fuel cells and other similar clean energy technology.
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