New CDM Methodology Will Recycle Landfill Gas

CantorCO2e Limited announced the approval of a new Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodology involving the use of biogas sourced from Methane Capture Projects in Chile.

Having just been approved by the CDM Executive Board, the new methodology, known as ‘CDM methodology AM0053,’ is the “injection of biogenic methane into a natural gas distribution grid.” Now that the methodology has been approved, it is expected that most landfill sites in metropolitan Santiago, the capital of Chile, will supply its biogas to the natural gas distribution grid as an alternative to current electricity generation methods.

This new methodology was developed by CantorCO2e, which researched, advised upon and established the methodology for and on behalf of Metrogas S.A., the largest natural gas distributor in Chile. The biogas used in the implementation of this methodology may be sourced from registered or non-registered methane capture CDM projects, enhancing the scope of other CDM methodologies already in use.

Chile produces very little of the natural gas that it currently consumes with all imports coming from Argentina. However, availability of imported natural gas from Argentina is limited. According to the Chilean Natural Gas Association, the country has faced several shutdowns due to interruptions in the supply of natural gas from Argentina, which impacts heavily on the Chilean people.

“This methodology encapsulates the spirit of the flexible mechanisms under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol,” said Managing Director at “Not only is it beneficial to the environment, but it is key to the economies of developing countries such as Chile.”

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