New Biofuels Technology Uses Any Renewable Oil

Diversified Energy Corporation agreed to the terms of an exclusive worldwide license with North Carolina State University (NCSU) for a breakthrough biofuels technology called Centia, a patent-pending process, said to offer advantages over biodiesel, ethanol and others.

Centia is initially being positioned to produce commercial and military jet fuel and a cold-weather biodiesel additive — both of which are challenging and complex hydrocarbon fuels. Centia, a name derived from Crudus Potentia (meaning “green power” in Latin), can use feedstock oils from edible and inedible animal fats, waste oils, agriculture crops like soybean, algae, newly proposed energy crops, or any other lipid-based feedstock. North Carolina State University, a research and academic leader in engineering, agriculture, and bioenergy sciences, has been developing the pieces to Centia over the last decade. Recent results have proven the fundamental science and defined a path forward to an integrated demonstration and pilot-scale plant. The process is expected to deliver an end-to-end energy efficiency in excess of 85%, a key metric in determining the eventual affordability of the biofuel generated. This high efficiency is a result of the process requiring less than one-half the external energy to operate than other traditional biofuels techniques. The fuel will also be compliant to aviation fuel specifications, including energy density and cold flow properties. The process is “100% green,” not relying on the use of any petroleum-derived products as components in the biofuel produced. Diversified Energy Corporation has been supporting the university in systems integration, scaleup, and the overall commercialization of the technology. Phillip Brown, President and CEO of Diversified Energy, said, “A highly efficient, enormously flexible technology has finally arrived that mitigates the many challenges associated with feedstock availability and pricing, process efficiency, and biofuel affordability.”
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