New Biodiesel Plant Slated for Arizona

American Biofuels, (ABF) and Green Star Products, revealed their decision to locate their second continuous flow production biodiesel facility within the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area. The plant, to be located in Buckeye, Arizona 30-miles west of Phoenix along Interstate 10, includes a 9,000 square foot air-conditioned building with ample office space and a railroad spur adjacent to a covered loading dock with overhead doors. The infrastructure is large enough to easily handle the processing and production of 10-million to 15-million gallons per year.

Chula Vista, California – December 12, 2003 [] Lease contracts have been signed subject to final approval by the town of Buckeye. A “town hall hearing” was set by the Department of Economic Development and was held December 11th, 2003, where the local community learned more about biodiesel and the proposed plant and how it may affect their community. Personnel from ABF and GSPI presented pictures, exhibits and information showing the completed Bakersfield Biodiesel Plant and what the community can expect from the anticipated completion of the Buckeye Biodiesel Plant. Pending anticipated approval by the community and necessary permits to be in place, the building of the plant will commence before the end of this year. The 2.5-million gallon reactor, boiler and other peripheral equipment have been ordered along with other needed equipment. The first phase of plant operation will be in completed in three to four months after the start of construction. The modularized plant design allows for this short blueprint-to-production time coupled with the quick assembly techniques used at the Bakersfield Plant site (see press release dated Nov. 6, 2003). ABF and GSPI, working with a Phoenix based associate, have been looking for two years to locate an optimum site, such as the one selected. Greater Phoenix was chosen because it has been a strong center for biodiesel use since 1999. Phoenix fleet operators including school districts and cities have logged many millions of successful miles running on all types of biodiesel blends from B-20 (20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel) to B-50, and in the case of a local cement company and The School for the Blind they have been using 100% biodiesel in their vehicles for some time. This collective use, said the companies, has resulted in the Phoenix area having by far, more biodiesel miles driven then any other city in the U.S, ABF’s business plan calls for the building of new plants where existing markets for biodiesel are strong and appear to be growing. “The Greater Phoenix area fits this profile very well,” Joseph LaStella, Director of ABF and President of GSPI said. “We feel existing biodiesel users in the Greater Phoenix area will welcome local production of high-grade biodiesel fuel to save on the shipping costs of processed biodiesel from the mid-west.”
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