Nevada Geothermal Bids on Blue Mountain RFP

In response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) issued in September of this year, Nevada Geothermal Power Company (NGPC) submitted a power bid for a Phase II 24-megawatt (MW) (net) (+/- 25%) geothermal plant at Blue Mountain to Sierra Pacific and Nevada Power.

The Blue Mountain Geothermal Project leases are ideally situated for development; the project area is 20 miles over relatively flat, underdeveloped lands from a connection point located on Sierra Pacific’s 120 kilovolt-transmission line north of Mill City, Nevada. “The company is currently drilling the production wells for the Faulkner 1 power plant. The first well completed (26A-14) indicates that the Blue Mountain field is a major new discovery in Nevada,” stated Brian D. Fairbank, President and CEO, Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. “Based on the results from 26A-14, the large extent of shallow thermal anomaly, and brine chemistry that indicates yet higher temperatures associated with this geothermal field, we believe that the build-out potential for Blue Mountain is at least 60 MW,” he added. NGPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nevada Geothermal Power (NGP), and was awarded a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) last August to provide up to 35 MW (gross), 30 MW (net) of geothermal power from the company’s 100% owned Blue Mountain Geothermal Project from Nevada Power Company, which is currently filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for approval. NGP owns a 100% leasehold interest in the Blue Mountain, Pumpernickel, Black Warrior projects in Nevada and the Crump Geyser Project in southern Oregon.

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