Neste Oil Building Europe’s Largest Biodiesel Plant

Finnish oil company Neste Oil has laid the foundation stone for its 800,000 tonne per year renewable diesel plant in the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Upon completion, the €670 million plant will be the largest renewable diesel plant in Europe.

In its current production in Finland NExBTL, Neste Oil’s proprietary technology, uses palm oil, rapeseed oil and waste animal fat sourced from the food industry as feedstock. It produces what it claims is the world’s cleanest and most advanced biodiesel which contributes to 40%-80 % reduction in CO2 emissions and reduces exhaust emissions.

“With this plant in the Netherlands, Neste Oil will become the leading renewable diesel producer supplying Europe from the Netherlands. Our investment also signals Neste Oil’s commitment to driving forward latest innovation with our NExBTL technology in Europe”, said Matti Lievonen, President and CEO of Neste Oil.

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