Negotiations Under Way with Cellulose Ethanol Technology Company

Boston, Massachusetts [] Kerry Associates and Amelot Holdings have entered into joint venture negotiations with a cellulose ethanol technology company on behalf of Amelot Holdings. Cellulose technology is said to be one of the world’s most efficient, renewable energy technologies for the production of ethanol and electricity (green power) from organic waste. This technology produces ethanol from any solid, non-hazardous, cellulosic waste material, which is then segregated from other waste materials. Eric Cousens, President of Kerry Associates, stated “Statistics show the demand of feedstock exceeds the current national supply. With this technology [cellulose ethanol], our everyday trash such as used tires, sewer sludge, plastics and other municipal solid waste (MSW) can be turned into ethanol. America generates 240 million tons of MSW per year. The carbon in America’s available municipal wastes alone is enough to create 16 billion gallons of ethanol annually.”
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