Neglected, totally free electricity power source.

Streams quickly becoming rivers; are to be seen almost every where in the world, but seldom used to power water wheels anymore?, this is despite the fact that they were one of the very first efficient mechanical power systems to be invented.

One water wheel at a river’s source can be repeated over and over again all the way to the sea, gaining in power and strength over and over again, and using the same water power at no cost at all to produce electricity, just adding more and more water wheels, and larger watermills.

In addition by putting this cheap energy production into the nations pocket, instead of the bulging pockets of subsidy grabbing authorities lke the pathetic windmill companies, there is an extra cost cutting benefit, because the present uncontrolled flooding in times of heavy rains, automatically become controlled without extra expense to the nation, in fact no more flooding of our seaside villages at all.

Pie in the sky may be, but Green definitely.

Cheers H.


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