Navy Assigns Contract for Hydrogen from High Sulfur Diesel Fuels

Power+Energy, Inc. (P+E) has been awarded a Phase II SBIR contract by the DOD’s Office of Naval Research (ONR) to fund the construction and demonstration of palladium alloy membrane assemblies that separate hydrogen from logistic fuels containing high concentrations of sulfur.

P+E’s high efficiency fuel processors, in combination with PEM fuel cells, can double the useful work derived from a gallon of any liquid fuel — including synthetic and biofuels. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by half. Sulfur immunity is essential in order to use widely available logistics fuels as the hydrogen feedstock for fuel cells. The use of sulfur-immune hydrogen membranes will simplies the reforming and separation processes. In addition, it will improve the efficiency of extracting hydrogen from liquid fuels including diesel, jet fuel, gasoline — all of which are more practical to store than hydrogen. This project is a milestone in P+E’s efforts at providing a unified solution for delivering hydrogen on demand from liquid fuels widely available through existing infrastructures. P+E is working with several organizations in integrating fuel cell systems, including a series of contracts with the Army Research Office (ARO), DARPA, and the Navy (NAVSEA and ONR) to develop hydrogen separation systems for extracting hydrogen from methanol, ethanol and diesel fuels.
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