NAEG Forms Green Energy Council for U.S. Tribal Nations

The Native American Energy Group, Inc. (NAEG) has formed the United Green Energy Council for U.S. Tribal Nations, whose mission is to actively work with every Native American tribe in the U.S. to further the development and production of renewable energy on tribal lands.

“The idea of the United Green Energy Council is to focus Native American land and resource managers’ attention on positive solutions regarding land and resource use,” said CEO Joseph D’Arrigo of Native American Energy Group. “Renewable Energy production is going to produce significant revenue streams for these reservations long-term. … The U.S. government holds about 56 million acres of land in trust for tribes and individuals, which makes this effort a major priority for these tribal governments.” D’Arrigo added, “Not every tribe is going to have high velocity winds to employ wind turbines. Not every tribe has the ability to create geothermal energy, but one thing is for sure, every tribe has the ability to create some form of alternative energy. This panel was formed to unify the tribes in a joint effort to determine how each tribe can participate given location, geographics, climate and other demographics.” The Council, which is part of NAEG’s “No Tribe Left Behind Policy,” invites enrollment online stating tribal affiliation and contact information (, and welcomes technology presentations by alternative energy companies.
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