Multi-Digester Gas Production Facility Set for Texas

Portsmouth, New Hampshire [] Environmental Power Corporation and its subsidiary, Microgy, Inc., have signed agreements for the construction and operation of a multi-digester biogas production and gas conditioning facility to be known as the Mission Project, near Hereford, Texas. It calls for the construction of eight 916,000-gallon digesters, sufficient to process manure from up to 10,000 cows. The facility is expected to produce an aggregate of one billion cubic feet of biogas per year with an energy content of approximately 650,000 million BTU. The gas is to be treated and compressed to produce and deliver pipeline-grade methane that will be sold directly into a nearby natural gas pipeline. Current plans for the facility, which will be located at the Mission Dairy, allow for future expansion of the digester project to accommodate more animals. Microgy will design, construct, own and operate the facility, which will be similar in scope to the company’s Huckabay Ridge facility, currently under construction.
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