More Than $380 Million Awarded to Build 240-MW Chicoasen 2 Hydro Plant in Mexico

Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) of Mexico has awarded a $386.4 million contract to a consortium to build the 240-MW Chicoasen 2 hydro plant.

The consortium consists of Omega Construcciones SA de CV, Sinohydro Costa Rica SA, Urban Development and Construction SA de CV and Caabsa Infrastructure Consortium SA de CB.

The project, on the Grijalva River in Chiapas State, will be built near the 2,430-MW Chicoasen (Manuel Moreno Torres) project that was built in 1980.

Chicoasen 2 will feature a diversion structure and channel, cofferdams, retaining wall, powerhouse equipped with three bulb turbines, downstream spillway and substation. The plant is expected to produce 591 GWh of electricity annually and is anticipated to take 42 months to build.

CFE is a company created and owned by the Mexican government. It generates, distributes and markets electric power for almost 35.3 million customers. The company owns 209 generating plants with a total installed capacity of 52,515 MW.

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