More Solar Energy Rebates for New York

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is expanding its Solar Pioneer Program. LIPA will implement an additional block of solar rebates at US$4.50 per watt to complement the current blocks of rebates, which means that a 1000 watt system would earn a US$4,500 rebate from LIPA.

Uniondale, New York – July 31, 2003 [] “This additional block of solar rebates illustrates Governor Pataki’s and LIPA’s commitment to the development of solar energy on Long Island,” said LIPA Chairman Richard M Kessel. “As a founding partner of the Long Island Solar Roofs Initiative, LIPA has committed to having at least 10,000 solar roofs installed across Long Island by 2010. LIPA continues to provide significant incentives to encourage the use of solar power on Long Island.” Through LIPA’s Clean Energy Initiative (CEI), 321 solar installations have been completed on Long Island. 242 of these installations are residential and represent almost US$6 million dollars in LIPA rebates to customers. Together, LIPA-sponsored solar installations can potentially produce over 1 megawatt of electricity. LIPA also continues to co-fund technical support and training programs at SUNY Farmingdale and the New York Institute of Technology, to encourage wider use of solar power by building trade allies. LIPA’s CEI is a multi-year, US$185 million program, initiated by Governor Pataki, which has been extended for another five-year period. The CEI program is designed to foster energy conservation and efficient energy use, and the development and use of renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal and fuel cells. In addition to LIPA’s rebate, homeowners can take advantage of New York State’s 25 percent tax credit towards the total cost of a PV system, with a maximum credit of US$3,750. If the tax credit is greater than the amount of tax that is owed New York State, the balance will not be refunded. However, any credit amount in excess of the tax due can be carried over for a maximum of up to five years. There may also be a 15-year real property tax exemption through New York State’s Real Property Tax Law for solar systems installed in New York State. Each county, city, town, village and school district on Long Island may choose to disallow the exemption as noted in NYS Office of Real Property Services. LIPA owns the retail electric system on Long Island, New York, and provides electric service to nearly 1.1 million customers in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. LIPA offers a wide range of programs that can help consumers lower electricity costs through energy conservation and efficiency.
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