More Renewable Energy Options Offered for MGE Customers

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) will more than triple its current green pricing program by offering more renewable energy options, sourced via wind and solar, for customers who want to take action against global climate change through their energy use.

With its 30-megawatt (MW) purchase of Iowa wind announced earlier this year, all MGE customers will have 3.5% of renewable energy in their electricity mix by the end of January 2008. This will meet the statewide renewable portfolio standard for 2010 that is required by law. The new Wisconsin- and Iowa-based wind resources will come online beginning in 2008. Customers will pay a premium to go above and beyond the state standards with additional wind resources. The company will also introduce a new rate specifically designed to support local development of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on customer homes and businesses. Program details will be filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin later this spring, and the new wind energy will be available for customers to begin purchasing by the beginning of 2008. As part of its Energy 2015 Plan, MGE will also be ending coal burning at its Blount Generating Station by the end of 2011. Plus, MGE has more than doubled its capture of methane at local landfills and uses it to produce electricity (methane is 20 times more harmful than CO2). The company uses biodiesel and compressed natural gas to help fuel its fleet vehicles.


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