More Green Power Gas from Biomass for Idaho

The renewable energy company, Intrepid Technology and Resources (ITR) has signed a letter of intent to initiate the design that will lead to the construction of their second anaerobic digester and methane production facility. This renewable energy production plant will be built on a 6000 head dairy near Wendell, Idaho.

Idaho Falls, Idaho – February 18, 2004 [] It is anticipated that the combination of this plant and the previously announced Whitesides Dairy facility will be capable of producing approximately 150 million cubic feet (150 billion BTUs of energy) per year — or according to ITR, enough to supply the average energy needs of 1000 homes. According to ITR, besides the considerable economic benefits to be derived from this form of energy production, anaerobic digestion also produces large environmental benefits. These include significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, odors and the amount of phosphorus currently being released to the soil via land application of animal wastes. Control of phosphorous release is becoming an increasingly critical factor in the continued economic health of the dairy and cattle industries, and the reductions achieved through digestion will have a positive impact on ensuring the future success of both. ITR anticipates that the gas produced from the digestion process, which is green energy, will be distributed in a number of potential value added forms ranging from commercial natural gas to liquid natural gas and propane replacement. Idaho alone uses nearly 18 million gallons of propane annually providing a potentially substantial and robust local market.
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