More Bands Cleaning Up Their Act

As concern over energy security and global climate change grows, many musicians around the United States are greening their concerts using renewable energy.

“Musicians and fans are definitely becoming more aware of environmental issues and renewable energy,” said Lauren Sullivan, co-founder of Reverb, speaking on’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast. Reverb is an organization that coordinates green touring. “We have worked with some great bands who are really trying to lessen the impact of their concerts,” she said. In addition to many other conservation efforts, Reverb ensures that tour buses use biodiesel and all other energy usage at concerts is offset with green tags for wind energy. Reverb is currently working with Barenaked Ladies on their international tour. Sullivan described the band as “a very aware bunch of folks.” Want to hear a conversation with Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies? Want to hear more about what Reverb does? Listen to the Inside Renewable Energy podcast linked below.
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