Montana Joins the State Mandatory Ethanol March

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer signed into law a bill requiring all gasoline in Montana to contain 10 percent ethanol, with the exception of 91 octane gasoline. The law goes into effect twelve months after the state has 40 million gallons of annual ethanol production capacity. This announcement comes on the heals of Minnesota further strengthening their requirement for the bio-based fuel additive.

Senator Jerry Black (R-Shelby) and Representative Bob Bergren (D-Havre) are the original authors of the Montana legislation. Montana now becomes the third state in the nation to require the use of 10 percent ethanol. Hawaii enacted a similar measure last year, and Minnesota has done so for nearly a decade. The Montana announcement comes just days after Minnesota lawmakers gave final approval to legislation that would require all of the state’s gasoline to contain 20 percent ethanol by the year 2013, up from the current level of 10 percent. That measure is on its way to Governor Tim Pawlenty for his signature. The U.S. currently has the capacity to produce nearly 3.7 billion gallons of ethanol annually at 85 ethanol plants. The nation consumes more than 140 billion gallons of gasoline each year, so much potential remains for increased nationwide use of ethanol.
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