Mobile Biodiesel Refineries Convert Plant-based Oils

Kwikpower International, a diversified renewable energy and fuels company offering carbon-recycling solutions, and UTEK, an innovative technology transfer company, completed a technology transfer to Kwikpower International in a securities exchange transaction for mobile biodiesel refineries.

The technology transferred contained the license to a process enabling the continuous conversion for onward sale of plant-based oils into biodiesel using a mobile refinery. This system uses a tubular oscillatory flow reactor and was demonstrated for the first time at the Clean Energy Technology Show in London earlier this year. Conventional biodiesel plants require the use of large tanks that must be emptied and cleaned after each batch. A substantial potential market for biodiesel has been created by the European Directive 2003/30/EU, which sets a target that, by the end of 2005, 2 percent of all road transport should be powered by biofuels, aiming for 5.75 percent by 2010. The UK government provides a rebate of on the duty of every liter of biodiesel. The technology was developed by Professor Malcolm Mackley and his team in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge and is being licensed by Cambridge Enterprise on behalf of the University. “Our KP Wellman engineering subsidiary is already working on integrating the new reactor design into an innovative continuous production module which will fit into a 40 foot container. This technology offers real promise to allow us to reduce the time and cost of production of biodiesel from a variety of feedstocks, allowing biodiesel to compete on a level playing field with crude oil derived diesel,” said Jim Watkins, Kwikpower International CEO and chairman.


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