Mitsubishi Supports Conversion of Generation Plant from Oil to Biomass in Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd. (MCP) recently joined with The Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO) in a joint venture, Aioi Bioenergy Corp., to develop biomass power generation in Japan.

MCP on April 5 said that the new venture will have an initial capital of 450 million yen (US$4.1 million), with 40 percent of that being invested by MCP.

The project will facilitate the conversion of fuel used at the second unit of KEPCO’s 375-MW Aioi Power Station in Hyogo Prefecture from its current heavy oil or crude oil sources to woody biomass.

MCP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp. MCP operates about 73 MW of power generated from solar projects and is developing and constructing wind and geothermal power generation projects across Japan.

Lead image credit: Oregon Department of Forestry | Flickr

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