Missouri Votes Yes on 15% Renewable Portfolio Standard

The renewable energy industry can add another name to its list of states with renewable portfolio standards. On November 4, a ballot initiative requiring that investor-owned utilities in Missouri obtain 15 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2021 received “Yes” votes from an overwhelming 2/3 of the constituency.

Missouri was one of the only states in which a renewable energy ballot initiative saw success. Under Proposition C, as it appeared on the ballot, the amount of renewables that are required will increase by small percentages each year until reaching the goal of 15% by 2021. There was little to no opposition to this initiative, unlike measures in other states like Calfornia where both renewable energy measures, Propositions 7 and 10 were defeated.

The wide margin of victory is a great indication of the popularity of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass (including ethanol) and hydropower, especially in the heartland, the American Wind Energy Association said in a statement.

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