Microturbine Sales for Biogas Industry

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] Microturbine systems manufacturer Capstone Turbine has received new orders from distributors in Japan and France totaling 2 MW. In France, combined heat and power (CHP) developer Soffimat commissioned an array of turbines from Capstone at a landfill north of Paris for a biogas project. Soffimat’s existing 240 kW array in the town of Thieulloy produces renewable energy from waste gases emanating from the landfill. The power is fed into the grid of Electricite de France (EdF), the nation’s electric utility. Success at that installation has spurred Soffimat to place a follow-on order for an additional 1 MW of Capstone systems, most of which is for Capstone’s biogas-fueled model. Takuma Company, one of three major Capstone distributors in Japan, placed an order for slightly more than one megawatt of microturbines.

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