Microbiology, Advanced Yeast Strains Aid Ethanol

August 2, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Alltech, the Kentucky-based supplier to the global alcohol and feed industries, has announced the divestment of its alcohol division as part of its strategy of focusing on its animal health division. Yeast and Bacteria producer Lallemand has purchased the division as part of their strategy to further expand their position in the ethanol and beverage alcohol (wine, beer, distilled spirits) industries worldwide. Jean Chagnon, President of Lallemand said that as the alcohol industry, and in particular for fuel ethanol industry, develops its need for increased knowledge of microbiology and the development of novel yeast strains becomes increasingly important. Ethanol Technology, a division of Lallemand Specialties Inc., will be the commercial enterprise of the collaboration with the newly formed Ethanol Technology Institute running the Alcohol School. The brewing ingredients business of the Alltech Alcohol division, including the processing aids, clarifying agents and media will be integrated into AB Vickers, a division of Lallemand UK Ltd and into the Siebel Institute.
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