Massachusetts Technology Collaborative REC Auction Results

Westborough, Massachusetts [] Evolution Markets Inc. conducted an auction May 2 of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on behalf of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), a quasi-public economic development agency responsible for administering the state’s Renewable Energy Trust. The MTC offered 7,888 third and fourth quarter Vintage 2006 Massachusetts “New” Renewable Certificates, 2,776 third and fourth quarter Vintage 2006 Connecticut Class I Renewable Certificates, and a strip of 5,000 Massachusetts “New” Renewable Certificates each for the years 2007,2008,and 2009. In 2006, Massachusetts will receive $434,865.44 and Connecticut $140,882; between 2007 and 2009, Massachusetts will receive $735,000, all for a total of $1,310,747.44.
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