Mascoma Closer To Building Cellulosic Facility in Michigan

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and Mascoma Corporation CEO Bruce Jamerson announced that Mascoma has entered into a series of key strategic relationships to further its efforts to build its first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Mascoma’s single-step cellulose-to-ethanol method, called consolidated bioprocessing, or CBP, uses advanced technologies to make ethanol from non-food based renewable sources such as wood chips and other biomass.

Agreements with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), JM Longyear, and alliances formed with Michigan State University (MSU) and Michigan Technological University (MTU) will help bring the plant to Chippewa County, Michigan where fuel-grade ethanol will be produced from wood fiber. The agreements build on Mascoma’s decision announced last July to locate in Michigan.

“Long before the current run-up in petroleum prices, we declared Michigan’s intention to lead the nation in alternative energy production and help reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” Granholm said. “Mascoma’s next generation biomass-to-ethanol technologies are integral to wide-scale ethanol production, and this plant will put Michigan on the leading edge of technology that will create good-paying jobs for Michigan citizens.”

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