Maryland Buying More Green Power

The Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) has been soliciting bids for for electricity generation, transmission and related management services for accounts in the Conectiv service territory.

Baltimore, Maryland – November 5, 2002 [] The invitation to bid (ITB) includes an aggressive Green Power procurement goal of 20 percent of which at least 10 percent must be derived from wind generation, solar PV or solar thermal sources. Bids are due November 12. “Using electricity produced from sources such as wind power, solar energy and biomass results in an overall reduction of dependence on resources,” said DGS Secretary Peta N. Richkus. “Including Green Power within the electricity procurement demonstrates the state’s role as steward of the environment and the quality of life Marylanders cherish.” The Eastern Shore and Cecil County accounts include Salisbury University, the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore and the Eastern Correctional Institute. The contract will be effective for 27 contiguous monthly billing cycles for each account beginning with the billing cycle which includes July 1, 2003 running through October 1, 2005. The Green Power procurement will require electricity generation derived from environmentally friendly sources, with a minimum of 10 percent derived from wind generation, solar PV or solar thermal sources and the remaining 10 percent may be from any combination of wind generation, PV, solar thermal, biomass, landfill gas or municipal solid waste. “This DGS procurement will allow the State to optimize cost savings while meeting the State’s electricity needs,” said Casper R. Taylor, Jr., Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates. “Additionally, its aggressive 20 percent green power goal far surpasses the efforts of other states. This type of energy source will mean clean power and less reliance on foreign oil imports. Already Maryland’s commitment to Green Power has prompted several wind power companies to apply for licenses. Mountainous Western Maryland is very attractive for such economic development efforts. Wind power generation will bring jobs and tax revenues to counties in Western Maryland.” Earlier this year, in January, DGS competitively selected Pepco Energy Services, a subsidiary of Potomac Electric Power Company, to supply electricity to 18 State agencies and departments. The 24-month contract, which began in July, represents nearly US$65 million and 1.6 billion kWh of conventional and green electricity, and was the first purchase of green electricity by Maryland State government. This second procurement more than triples the Green Power goal from 6 percent to 20 percent.
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