MARE Applauds Renewable Energy Initiatives in Missouri

Jefferson City, Missouri [] The Midwest Alliance for Renewable Energy (MARE) applauded the Missouri General Assembly for passing two very important energy programs this year: the Green Power Initiative and the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act. The Green Power Initiative requires electric companies to work toward using more renewable energy technologies, including wind, biomass, and solar. The goal is to produce at least 11% of all retail electric sales from renewable sources by 2020. The Net Metering and Easy Connection Act requires utilities to cooperate with landowners generating their own electricity through renewable sources, such as wind and solar. Special meters will measure the difference between electricity used and generated by a customer. The customers will receive credits from the utilities for producing their own renewable energy. Both measures passed as part of SB 54. The bill also includes another important provision allowing for the disposal of yard waste in landfills operating as bioreactors.
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