Manure to Fuel Ethanol Production

EcoFuels Corporation, a company that utilizes methane biogas to produce ethanol, plans to construct an ethanol plant at a dairy farm in Emerald, Wisconsin to produce the fuel from non-grain feedstocks.

LAKEWOOD, Colorado 2002-03-20 [] The ethanol fuel is trademarked “Ecalene” by a technology developed by Power Energy Fuels, Inc. (Lakewood, Co) and the system can be built on-site at dairy and hog operation locations. The Wisconsin plant will utilize 200,000 gallons per day of cow manure to produce two million gallons per year of ethanol. The High Yield Anaerobic Digester (HYAD) technology collects animal waste and substrate at dairy feeding locations in multiple covered digester tanks for fermentation. The mixture of methane or biogas is collected and further processed in an alcohol conversion unit and distilled into E-85, E-95, and E-100 fuel grade ethanol. Since the process is not dependent on biomass or grain, production is distributed allowing exploitation of EPA mandated reformulated gas (RFG) markets, thereby reducing real costs of transportation, blending and storage. The company plans to own and operate a network of HYAD and “ECALENE” facilities within the next 10 years.
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