Malaysia to Use Palm Oil Waste as Biofuel

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and the Malaysia Energy Center have joined hands to increase the public’s awareness of Renewable Energy as a fuel source.

BANGI, Malaysia 2002-03-13 [] In May 2001, the government, through the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia launched the small Renewable Energy power program (SREP) which applies to all sources of energy including biomass, biogas, municipal waste, solar, mini-hydro and wind. The SREP program is aimed at encouraging the exploitation of Renewable Energy sources as the fifth fuel resource under the country’s fuel diversification policy and coincides with the industry’s effort for zero waste in the oil palm industry. In 2001, 11.8 million ton of crude palm oil was produced at the 360 palm oil mills in the country as was 14 million ton of biomass waste. Only a small percentage of the waste was used to produce Renewable Energy and a large quantity of them was either dumped in the mill compound or thrown away. Officials said that when Renewable Energy production becomes integrated with milling operations in all mills, the question of sustainability of oil palm industry will not arise unless palm oil prices take an unrealistic dip beyond what the industry has seen until now.
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