Malaysia Looks to Biomass but Siemens Warns of Coal Use

Malaysian projects using biomass for power generation will cost US$25 to $30 million, according to Siemens Power Generation.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, MY, 2001-10-02 [] Siemens says firms are currently undertaking feasibility studies for four proposed biomass projects in Malaysia, which generates a large amount of biomass waste, particularly from palm oil. Malaysia’s renewable energy program is part of a national fuel diversification policy, which promotes the generation of electricity via the use of renewable sources such as biomass, palm oil, wind and solar energy. Siemens Power Generation provides much of the technology for biomass-fired power plants, but general manager Lothar Balling says the importance of coal-fired power plants in parts of Asia, such as Malaysia and Vietnam, have been increasing as costs of other energy sources climbed while coal prices remained stable and supply reliable.


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