Make Biodiesel Anywhere

Somewhere in between the avid garage-based hobbyist brewing a biodiesel concoction and massive oil conglomerates investing in big biodiesel factories is the mid-market biodiesel producer and user.

Recognizing a need for a more manageable and realistic approach to biodiesel production, LA-based, Pacific Natural Energy (PNE), has created the BioBox, a mobile processing plant that turns waste vegetable oil into high-quality biodiesel.

Able to be located at or near the source of waste, and requiring 2000 square feet of vacant land, PNE’s BioBox system includes 4 – 20′ cargo containers, the reactor, a hazmat storage container and 2 – 6,000 gallon storage tanking systems.

“There are an increasing number of biodiesel companies now, but these companies generally cater to small-scale experimenters and users, or multi-million dollar plants,” said Eric McLeod, PNE’s founder and CEO. “I believe that mid-market biodiesel production has been completely overlooked. What about the companies that have large waste oil disposals but may be spread over a large geographical region. These clients have everything to gain by producing biodiesel in a location that’s convenient for them, and then using it to power their trucking fleets – not to mention being a pioneer in what I think will be the standard for waste vegetable oil recycling.”


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