Major Renewable Energy Investment in Nelson Mandela Bay

In the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s (NMBM) recent initiative to provide renewable energy for its residents, three bidders accepted by the NMBM include Lereko Energy Consortium (wind turbines, solar heating, electricity generation from waste), Thermo-Rec (electricity generation from solid waste) and Enercon India (large scale wind farm) being a 100% subsidiary of EIL South Africa Power Development (Pty) Ltd.

In total, the successful bidders submitted proposals amounting to approximately 9 billion Rands (USD $1.3 billion) for these projects. Financial feasibility studies are currently underway and the conclusions will be known shortly. “This initiative paves the way for the large-scale implementation of proven renewable energy technology throughout the country. We are excited to be leading this groundbreaking series of projects,” said Crispian Olver, Lereko Energy’s CEO. Mr. Rajsekhar of EIL South Africa Power Development Pty Ltd said, “Grid connected wind electric generation is now globally well recognized to be one of the most cost-effective and commercially competitive renewable energy technologies-with worldwide installations exceeding 50,000 MW and growing annually at 23%.” “We are currently working towards designing the wind power plant addressing and studying the involved issues relating to EIA and wind characteristics. We are quite hopeful that with the continued support from NMBM, we would be able to develop a grid connected wind power plant in 3 years,” Rajsekhar added. Nelson Mandela Bay’s Executive Mayor Nondumiso Maphazi said this initiative is indicative of the institution’s goals and measurable objectives. “Global warming is a concern to all of us and we must therefore do everything in our power to ensure that we become much more environmentally friendly,” said Ms. Maphazi. “This initiative will do exactly that and will set a standard for all the other local authorities, the five other Metropolitan Municipalities included, to follow. We are well on our way to provide sustainable energy resources.”

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