Maine Town Approves US $25,000 Solar Lease

The Saco City Council has unanimously approved an option for GridSolar to enter into a 20-year lease with the city to install solar panels on city-owned land as part of its GridSolar Project. The approval made at the council’s July 20 meeting is the first land-lease agreement for GridSolar,.

The agreement mandates that GridSolar pay an annual lease fee of $25,000 for the property as well as property taxes on all improvements to the property.

“This land is currently vacant land that is adjacent to the former city landfill,” said Richard Michaud, the Saco City Administrator. “Given its close proximity to the landfill, it is unlikely that this parcel would ever be developed. The GridSolar option provides the city with an ideal solution — we get to maintain a buffer between the former landfill and lands beyond the parcel, while at the same time benefit from the lease revenues and property taxes that GridSolar will pay once their project is approved by the Maine PUC.”


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