Los Angeles Utility Offers Green Power Certificates

The electric utility in Los Angeles is offering green power gift certificates for the holiday season.

VAN NUYS, California – New renewable energy for the city can be purchased in the name of a relative, friend or business associate, according to a plan launched this week by the Department of Water & Power (DWP). Certificate purchasers and recipients do not need to be DWP customers. “We are excited to extend our nationally recognized ‘Green Power for a Green LA Program’ beyond purchase through bills,” explains Angelina Galiteva, the utility’s director of strategic planning. “Now customers or non-customers can help the environment, bring new clean energy to L.A. and recognize that special someone with the purchase of a new Green Power Certificate.” Until this week, the only way to purchase green power from DWP was through the utility bill. Now, people interested in a better environment can purchase green power on a one-time basis as a present for occasions or festivities throughout the year. The Green Power Certificates cannot be used to lower a customer’s power bill and they are not transferable. The minimum value is $5. Purchasers can specify a recipient to be named on the certificate and can have the certificate mailed directly to the recipient. Purchasers can also order blank certificates, so the recipient’s name can be added later. DWP will use the funds to cover the incremental cost of purchasing new green power, which is renewable energy electricity generated from wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels, geothermal or biomass facilities. This energy will help replace or offset the purchase of conventional polluting fossil fuels. ‘Green Power for a Green LA’ is one of six different DWP initiatives that includes a dozen energy efficiency programs, many with financial incentives. There is a solar program with a $3 to $5 per watt buy down for installation of solar panels; an electric vehicle program that has installed 400 charging stations throughout the city; the Cool Schools Tree Planting effort that has already planted 4,000 trees at 40 school campuses; and recycling activities.

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