Level the Field for American companies vs Canada

 My company has just entered into the markets of MA, VT and RI, we were already in NJ, NC, PA, OH, NV, CA, HI and CO we specialize in PPA’s and FIT Projects, We cover 100% of the cost to Design permit insure install test monitor and warranty the system for 20 years and use a Solar,Wind and Geothermal System, If there is any way I can help you out let me know.

I am an open person who believes in helping others and whats fair is fair, Putting Solar anywhere helps every where however the recent news of the Canadian Company putting a 2.1 MW project on the ST. Peters Hospital in NJ  has been bothering me.

I have had several inquiries from Canada wanting to get a System from me and I then lobbied to get a few more prospects in Canada. The Canadian Government contacted me and let me know that to do business there such a % of my parts had to be manufactured there, another % had to be purchased there and most of my work force had to be from there, They stipulated me right out of the country, I don’t know for sure but I imagine that when they come here 100% of everything including the work force comes from Canada, They are taking a lot of jobs, maybe there is plenty for everyone, I have nothing against any country but I personally feel we should always maintain a level playing field, what they stipulate on us we should stipulate on them.

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We cover 100% of the cost to design, permit, insure, install, test, warranty, monitor, repair and operate a complete solar energy system. There is NO COST whatsoever to your business. that will reduce your utility bills by over 20% the first year and that savings will increase year after year, Residential No money Down Financing,Simple Credit app. low rates, Systems 100% your in 10 years or less (depending on terms)We also have a fund raising program ( The School, Hospital or Organization of the home owners choice will receive 1/2 of the Commission on any Residential Solar Project received within that district) I am the only one offering this and it comes out of my own pocket.The FIT program will make that lease payment plus give you additional money for other programs, You could be leasing your Roof top and parking lot, We will also pay for and install Carports, Lighting, Fencing and Security Cameras to place additional solar panels to increase your generation potential. We are Specialist with FIT Programs and have installed or contracted to install 240MW in the last 160 days, In CA and HI. and I am looking for help/partners

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