Latest regulations and best practice on heat networks served up at breakfast seminars

Expert advice on the latest regulations and best practice affecting heat networks will be shared at two free breakfast seminars, hosted in central London by Switch2 Energy and Winckworth Sherwood.

The first seminar on Tuesday 11 October will update district and community heat suppliers on the Heat Network Regulations, introduced under the Energy Efficiency Directive. Delegates will be introduced to the newly founded Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The  department now houses the regulation and legislation relating to heat networks, and will provide an update on both the regulation and the metering feasibility tool.

Chris Smith, Enforcement Manager for the new BEIS department will explain how heat scheme owners can achieve compliance and how the new government department will continue to shape legislation for the expanding heat network sector.

Heat scheme owners from housing associations, local authorities and the private development market will discover the urgent steps they need to take to comply with the EU regulations and the metering and billing solutions that are available.

A second seminar on Wednesday 30 November will feature guest speaker Bindi Patel, Head of Scheme for the Heat Trust. She will introduce delegates to the Heat Trust’s comparison tool, which will enable residents to compare their heating and hot water costs to a similar-sized property with an individual gas boiler.

The event will mark the first anniversary of the Heat Trust, which has introduced new quality and performance standards to ensure best practice for the district heating and community energy sector.

Kirsty Lambert, Director of Switch2, will provide real life examples of where the Heat Trust applies and how it can help promote best practice in customer service, particularly through effective metering. Colin Hall, Partner at Winckworth Sherwood will examine the Heat Trust from a legal perspective and how this impacts heat scheme owners.

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