Large Canadian Ethanol Plant in Production

Suncor Energy Products’ St. Clair Ethanol Plant is now in production with an expected production volume of 200 million liters per year and, with plans to use 20 million bushels of corn per year as the primary feedstock, is said to be the largest ethanol production facility in Canada, according to the release.

During construction of the $120 million facility, approximately 250 construction jobs were created. The St. Clair Ethanol Plant has 38 full-time employees and will provide a number of ongoing opportunities for local suppliers and service providers, including the agricultural sector. Suncor has been blending ethanol into its Sunoco-branded gasoline sold since 1996. When blended with gasoline, ethanol helps reduce carbon monoxide emissions by up to 30%. Studies show the use of corn-based ethanol in Sunoco’s fuel has had the equivalent effect of removing more than 20,000 cars from Ontario’s roads. Ethanol is also a natural gas-line antifreeze in winter. In addition to producing ethanol, Suncor is also supporting renewable energy development in Canada by pursuing wind power projects. Suncor has two wind power projects in operation — SunBridge in southwestern Saskatchewan and Magrath in southern Alberta. A third wind farm near Taber, Alberta received regulatory approval in spring 2005 and construction is under way. A fourth wind farm is planned east of Lake Huron in Ripley, Ontario. “We are proud of our new, world-class ethanol production facility,” said Tom Ryley, executive vice president of Suncor. “It demonstrates Suncor’s commitment to renewable fuels in Ontario and to playing a leadership role in the Sarnia-Lambton community.”


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