Landfill Methane Recovery Plant Shows Community Stewardship

Energy Systems Group (ESG) and Johnson City entered into an agreement to harvest methane gas from the Iris Glen landfill and provide this fuel to local commercial customers. The $5 million landfill methane recovery plant, for which the ground has been broken, is expected to provide a continual revenue stream for the city, alleviate pressure on community taxes and make available a local and alternative energy supply for several Johnson City companies.

ESG will implement and operate the processing and distribution system supplying renewable methane gas to local business and the Veterans Administration medical center, reducing air emissions for the area over the next two decades. “This $5 million project is an ideal fit for Energy Systems Group and our vision to find opportunities that deliver environmentally friendly solutions which improve our client’s finances, productivity and efficiency,” said Jim Adams, president of ESG. ESG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vectren Corp. Applying an innovative membrane filtration system, ESG will process as much gas energy as would be used in more than 5,000 local homes. This not only improves the local community air quality by reducing the carbon dioxide — greenhouse gas — emissions by the equivalent of removing more than 3,700 cars from the roads, the equivalent of planting more than 4,400 acres of trees, but it captures methane that was previously burned off. “This is a great day for our city,” said Mayor Steve Darden. “With this processing plant, our community gains a long-term revenue source, reduced air emissions, and a local renewable energy source. And with Energy Systems Group we gain a great partner in energy efficiency and community stewardship.” Construction of the plant includes installation of a filtration and compression system at Iris Glen landfill and a four-and-a-half mile pipeline to provide the cleaned methane to the local industrial customers. The plant is scheduled to become operational this fall.


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