Landfill-gas Project for New Jersey

Plans for a 3.8 MW methane-to-electric power generation system at the 45-acre PCFAWC Landfill in White Township, New Jersey, have been announced by WC Landfill Energy.

Last spring, the Pollution Control Financing Authority of Warren County (PCFAWC) announced an agreement with WC Landfill Energy to develop and install the power generation system. The project will use methane gas that would otherwise be flared off every day at the landfill to power two Jenbacher engine generators. Electricity will be used to power the PCFAWC facilities as well as to sell electricity to the PJM market. “Utilizing non-traditional fuel sources to generate power is an important way we can become more self-sufficient in terms of meeting our growing energy needs,”said South Jersey Industry’s Vice President Al Ruggiero. The project will use between about 1,100 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of landfill gas which generates 28,000,000 kWh/yr; enough energy to power 3,000 homes for a year. The annual reduction of greenhouse gases attributable to this project has the same effect as: — Removing the emissions of more than 32,000 cars on the road for a year — Reducing oil consumption by 387,000 barrels per year — Planting 49,000 acres of forest According to Frank DiCola, President of DCO Energy, the firm that will manage engineering construction and operation of the generating facility, the facility will be online by December 31, 2005. WC Landfill Energy LLC, a joint venture of DCO Energy LLC and Marina Energy (a subsidiary of SJI), has already begun operations on a similar facility in New Jersey that has surpassed performance expectations. New Jersey has taken a lead role in promoting such renewable energy projects due in large part to grants from New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities’.
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