Landfill Gas Plant to Be Built in LA

Environmental Strategies & Technologies International Inc. (ESTI) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for a proposed joint venture with Alchemix Technologies of Arizona to build an electrical generating plant in Los Angeles fuelled by landfill biomass.

New York, New York – July 22, 2002 [] Alchemix has developed a bioremediation technology, called HydroMax, which converts biomass (garbage, waste products, tires etc.) into low cost hydrogen, syngas or electricity. The company has 4 patents and 96 claims of invention relating to HydroMax technologies. All major units of this technology have been demonstrated, material and energy balances completed and operating costs developed by Kvarner, the world’s third largest engineering and construction contractor. Demonstrations of this technology have been performed in plants built to simulate commercial facilities. HydroMax processes have been positively reviewed by engineers from some of the world’s most respected energy and mining companies including: Rio Tinto, Chevron-Texaco, Phillips-Connaco and Williams companies. According to the proposed Joint Venture, ESTI will fund and Alchemix will build a “proof of commercial viability” plant for this process on a landfill site that has been selected in the Los Angeles basin. This site is equipped with a state-of-the-art separator, which can remove metals and glass from the biomass, rendering it suitable as input for the HydroMax process. In addition, there is a boiler on the site that will convert the hydrogen or syngas resulting from the process into electricity, which would go directly into the power grid. The landfill, separator and power generator are all currently permitted. It is planned that this plant will be able to demonstrate commercial viability of the HydroMax technology, with startup costs greatly reduced due to the infrastructure already in place.


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