Lake Erie Biofuels Debuts

Pennsylvania’s drive to shed its dependence on foreign oil took a major step forward with the debut of Lake Erie Biofuels, a plant that will produce 45 million gallons of biofuels every year.

“With our commitment to renewable energy technologies, more and more investors and developers are looking to Pennsylvania. We’ve become a leading destination for alternative and renewable energy projects, and with Governor Rendell’s Energy Independence Strategy, we’ll see an additional $3.5 billion in new economic growth,” said Department of Environmental Protection Regional Director Kelly Burch.

Governor Rendell’s PennSecurity Fuels Initiative, which is part of the Energy Independence Strategy he first unveiled in February, requires the commonwealth to produce and consume nearly 1 billion gallons of biofuels once production capacities reach certain levels. The production target equals what the state is expected to import from the Persian Gulf by 2017.

Every gallon of gasoline sold in Pennsylvania will include 10 percent ethanol, once in-state production reaches 200-million-gallons-per-year (MGPY); and every gallon of diesel fuel will include two percent biodiesel, once production reaches 30-MGPY with incremental increases up to 20 percent once annual production reaches 300 MGPY.

The Energy Independence Strategy also targets $850 million in new investments to spur development in Pennsylvania’s alternative and renewable energy industries, and help consumers implement energy conservation and efficiency measures to reduce electricity consumption, and install solar panels on their home or small business.

For more information on Governor Rendell’s PennSecurity Fuels Initiative and his Energy Independence Strategy, visit, and click on the “Fueling Energy Savings” icon.

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