Kreido Biofuels Meets ASTM Specs on Multiple Feedstocks

To meet ASTM specifications for the conversion of oil to methyl ester, Kreido Biofuels, Inc. has successfully tested degummed soy bean oil, refined palm, jatropha, canola, castor, and soy oil as feedstocks for use in its STT 30G processors.

The STT 30G System is a pipe-to-pipe biodiesel production unit that includes all of the components necessary to take a refined vegetable oil feedstock in on one end, and deliver ASTM-quality biodiesel out of the other end. The stringent ASTM standards for biodiesel production ensure trouble-free operation in diesel engines. These specifications include carrying out a complete reaction, removal of glycerin, the catalyst and alcohol, and the absence of free fatty acids. The biodiesel standard, ASTM D 6751, identifies the parameters that pure biodiesel (B100) must meet before being used as a pure fuel or being blended with petrodiesel, according to ASTM. Kreido Biofuels’ goal is to have a menu of “feedstock recipes” that meet ASTM specifications and work in its STT 30G processors.


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