Kokhala, Direct Global Power Sign Agreement

KOKHALA, INC., innovators of a solar thermal-electric system has signed a Technology Commercialization Agreement with DIRECT GLOBAL POWER, INC. (DGP) of Schenectady, New York.

St. Louis, Missouri, September 3, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The solar thermal/electric technology utilizes three fossil-fuel-free sources of thermal energy – solar radiation, the waste heat from facility air conditioners/refrigeration systems and it can operate exclusively on low-grade waste heat from many commercial/industrial processes. Kokhala has engineered and demonstrated the proprietary “Solcel” technology utilizing solar heat and waste heat from the combustion of natural gas. The Solcel system is an appliance similar in appearance and size to a facility’s air conditioner. Located outside, the Solcel will collect low-grade heat and convert that energy to electricity without any combustion or emissions of any kind. Solcels come in 5 kW or 50 kW sizes, and they can be linked together to serve loads of any size under 1 MW. “We are extremely excited because the first commercial system is being installed this week at the Earthways Home in St. Louis,” said Kokhala president Jim Whitesides. It hasn’t been easy developing a technology that others have sought but failed to commercialize, but now we’ve got it! With the addition of DGP to our marketing team, we have an important path to market and can leverage their experience in the renewable energy field.” DGP will be responsible for developing new business opportunities, identification of near-term commercial customers and projects, market development programs and the development of investor and partnering opportunities. Access:
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